December 14, 2009


Judy Aldridge, Marvic McElroy & Jane Aldridge

I'm a big fan of Sea of Shoes. I love Jane Aldridge's style. Last Thursday, Jane and her Mom had an event in Dallas, I dared/begged my close friend Marvic (former Miss Dallas 19___) to attend the event and have a picture taken with Jane and her Mom, "Christmas gift mo sa akin"...and she did! I was so surprised to see this picture on my Facebook wall, hahaha! May binili ka ba naman Ivic o nagpa-kodak ka lang! Hahaha!

Thanks Jane and Mom!

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Maria Victoria said...

Ha, Ha! Loka! That was a benefit of some sort so it is just befitting that I do my part...spend!!! That is what I was afraid of...I knew I would spend some hard-earned cash at the Guess store. Cocktails were great and got to network with their official photographer whom I can use in other events. More pics coming.