May 25, 2009


We haven't seen each other for ages.

It was Michael de Mesa's birthday yesterday, but we gave him a surprise party last Friday. (Well, I was just a guest too, not part of the planning.)

"Feeling" part of the family.

But the "Gil/de Mesa/Eigenmann Family" is really my showbusiness family. The friendship started in 1992 when we shot a tv mini-series for 2 months in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. (With Director "Tita" Lupita Aquino Kashiwahara. That was my first ever project as a Production Designer.)

I designed (together with Roli Inocencio) the very private wedding of Cherie and Roni. I designed Michael de Mesa's first film directorial job. Gina Alajar, though separated from Michael is still my nanay/super friend until this day.

I was so happy to see everybody. Mark and Maricar was not around though, but Julie was on Yahoo Messenger cam. :)

Everytime producers or directors would ask me if I could work with so and so actors/actresses, I have always my one-liner answer, "The Gil's are my friends". LOL

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I am gonna see Cherrie Gil next week, she's one of the woman on top ng PeopleAsia.

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