February 22, 2009


Where am I heading?

I don't mean my life, but my clothes. I'm still in the process of developing what could be my "regular" clothes or to have the "must haves". Being in the San Francisco Bay area is just like being in the Philippines 10 times (or more) colder and 10 times (or less) warmer in the summer! So it's just like warm and cold weather, like hot and raining in the Phils. You can barely feel or see the four seasons, not like in New York or Europe.

When I came here in 2006, I only brought jeans, t-shirt and board shorts (a couple of sweater/hoodies I think). I've gone to downtown San Francisco one time in my shorts, t-shirt, hoodie and flip-flops in the height of summer, and I ended up buying a thick jacket because it suddendly became cold, weird! Yes, weird is the best word to describe the weather in San Francisco, but weird it maybe, I love the weather here in the Bay area!

I was "cleaning" my computer and I came up with these pictures, mostly taken in 2008 by my niece Andrea in our garage.

(Napa Valley, February 2008) t-shirt-Calvin Klein, sweater-Puma, pants-Volcom, eyewear-Christian Dior, hat-A. Adams & Spice

(Asian Art Museum, June 2008) shirt-7 Diamonds, jacket-Gap, pants-Levis 511

(Halloween 2008, Mission Dist. SF) turtle neck-J. Crew, jacket-Gap, and...

shirt-Topshop, pants-BDG, boots-Jump

(Summer 2008) shirt-La Coste, pants-Element, belt-Custombelt.com, eyewear-vintage glasses of my Tatay

(Fall 2008) shirt-Gap, Hoodie-Old Navy, pants-Levis 511 (light) eyewear-Oakley, iPod Photo 1st generation, , Golla pouch

shirt-Topshop, sweater-Gap, pants-BDG, shoes-Jump, scarf-Generic, bag-Kenneth Cole

shirt-Soul Rebel, jacket-Retro Reggae, pants-Levis Red boot-cut, shoes-Nike

eyewear-Topshop, shirt-Lucky Brand, pants-Levis Red boot-cut, belt-Quicksilver, shoes-Puma

(October 2008) shirt-Gap, pants-Levis 511, eyewear-Christian Dior, shoes-Jump, bag-Kenneth Cole

I will start "cleaning" my closet this Spring, but I don't think I would throw a lot of things though since I weigh the same since 10 years ago (thanks heaven). But I would try to have the "must haves" in terms of the weather here. Since I'm working in a department store, I get the chance to get discounted nice clothes.

I'm working on it. I don't want to blend, I just want to have what is needed. Ang lamig kaya!


Hi, my name is Lotho said...


Ang gwapo, gwapo, gwapo mo.


Jake said...


Teng said...

You are too cute to have clothes on. LOL.

Gilbert Semillano said...

how about half naked? I wanna see! Agree cguro mga guys sa akin dba? lol. How u've been Jake?

Jake said...

gilbert, half naked? left or right side of my body? hehehe!

i'm doing good, though mahirap ang trabaho, as in trabahador lang ako ngayon, inuutusan na lang, hindi na nag-uutos. :)