January 21, 2009


"Tribute to Baguio" (Mag-layer tayo.) Levis pants, The North Face sweater, jackets, hoodies

"Tribute to Thom Browne in Manila" (OMG, it's raining baha!) Buffalo shirts, Levis pants, La Coste shoes

"Tribute to Muro Ami" (Candy Color Surf ) Quicksilver, Volcom, Fox

"Tribute to Divisoria" (Flood of Plaid) Polo, Jockey boxers, Jockey tank top, and I can't remember the pants and shirts brand, basta skater/surfers brand lahat.

"Tribute to Pretty in Pink" (Vintage, Retro, Recession, Pasay High Valentine's Party) Levis pants, Guess, Calvin Klein, DKNY shirts, coat and jackets. For her, di ko din matandaan

Hhhmmm, ano kayang mga inspirations ko for Spring? Penthouse Live? That's Entertainment? o Apat na Sikat?

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